I like the colour black top much #batman#black#heavygoff
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won Dark Knight Rises preview tickets for the 18th…and I’m working a closedown :|

gonna prey like a mother fucker to get it covered so I can go since it’s my birthday the next day :)

this is amazing :) i would have died of laughter

"Look who it is, Batman and Robin!"
“We’ll accept that as long as you go Catwoman ya pussy!"

— Boaby + Victor - Still Game series 2
reverse car light batman cover D:

5 year old on the bus staring at the page 3 model for a good 10 mins and then a guy stills in his batman costume got on the train at central :P

gave me a giggle

they forgot batman
i love this scene when she goes mental

Catwoman rises.

The Dark Knight Rises: Batwing footage captured on set
The elusive Batwing has been seen in action as it hovers back and forth underneath the 6th Street Bridge in downtown Los Angeles.  This video from YouTube was captured on a night shoot on 11 September 2011.  From this clip it looks as if the vehicle will use the same kind of thrust as a Harrier Jump Jet to power itself into the air and then speed away.
Check out the sneaky clip here…

just hurry up and be finished filming already!